A dollop of desi ghee into your streaming cup of coffee !!! This strange combination has been accepted as the “it” health drink of 2019. It improves Energy, Mental Clarity, Focus and Satiety- because pure grass -fed ghee is rich in inflammatory fatty acid, Omega -3s , Omega -9s and fat soluble Vitamin A,D, and E. It is rich in butyric acid, which supports the health and healing of cells in small and large intestines. This high- fat, calorie-dense drink is being called a “breakfast replacement” because it can help you lose weight.

You must be wondering how is it possible!
Our bodies are not very sincere at metabolizing carbs at breakfast,  partly due to the rise in cortisol (helps to control blood sugar levels, regulate metabolism, helps reduce inflammation and assist with memory formulation). So when you drink this, you make your body to think that you are fasting, although ghee in coffee means about 300- 800 calories.

Beware – Adding sugar will negate the weight loss effect. And weight loss will follow only if you eat less later in the day. In fact, you may gain weight if the rest of your day doesn’t consist of low carbohydrate diet eating.

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